Stainless Steel Jump Rings (Heavy Duty) 8 mm x 1 mm

Stainless Steel Jump Rings (Heavy Duty) 8 mm x 1 mm

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These open jump rings are made from 1.0 mm wire (18 gauge) with an outer diameter of 8 mm and supplied in packs of 4000 rings. 

These jump rings are made from 304 grade stainless steel so not only are they very strong and versatile, but have excellent corrosion resistance whilst maintaining a low nickel content making them ideal for jewellery making.

These jump rings are unsoldered and open, so you can easily slot your clasps or charms etc on to the ring.

When working with jump rings it is important to ensure that you twist the ring to open or close and not to pull the ring apart. Pulling will misshape the ring and it will never close properly again. You will need to use jewellery pliers when working with jump rings, we recommend a pair of bent nose pliers for one hand, and a pair of flat nose pliers for the other. For more information, see our How to Use Jump Rings Guide.

8mm Stainless Steel Jump Rings 304 Grade

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